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Many people are surprised to learn that I’m not actually employed by BNN. Every week, I draw some insights from my professional role as a Chief Investment Officer and lead Portfolio Manager at ETF Capital Management, and share them with viewers; along with an educational segment where I go into depth on some aspect of how markets and investments work.

I call the markets as I see them. Sometimes I’m right, and sometimes I’m not. If I don’t know, I’d rather admit it than make something up to sound smart on TV. The screensaver on our trading desk says “The market is smarter than you are. Do NOT forget this.” That’s how important it is to respect how unforgiving markets can be, and to always have a sound, nimble, and adaptable strategy for how you’re going to deal with whatever happens next. This means knowing how to use the right tools at the right time. It also means, adjusting very quickly when you’re wrong and not letting ego, fear, or greed get in the way. Of course, we discuss a great deal about Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs, because they are often the best and most cost-effective tools for navigating today’s highly volatile market environment.

Berman’s Call is much more than a TV show. At least, that is my hope for what we’re working to accomplish. Since 2009, I’ve been getting out there in the real world and talking to Canadians across our great country who have been drawn to our events through the show. I put on these speaking tours at my own cost, because I truly have a passion for helping people learn about financial markets and how to be as successful as they can be with their money. I’m constantly impressed with how intelligent our audience is, and I applaud their initiative to get more educated about how markets work, and how to protect their wealth. On the flip side, I’ve also been surprised by the massive amounts of risk self-directed investors are taking, and I’ve become very concerned they are taking risks they don’t necessarily understand. To drive a car your need to take mandatory education and tests before they give you a license, but to open a discount brokerage account and invest your life’s savings there are no questions asked. The fact is, the discount brokers provide a service, but it is not their responsibility to ensure you know what you’re doing – it’s your own.

That’s why I’m working with my team to expand our outreach to Canadians. We want to raise the bar for financial awareness in this country. We want to help the largest number of people we possibly can to accomplish this. Basically, my goal is to never hear another horror story about a 65 year old who has just lost 50-80% of their money – whether that be from mistakes doing their own investing, or not understanding how their money is being managed for them (and what it’s costing them).

I’m only one person, and there are limits to what I can accomplish on my own, which is why I’m building an ever growing team of outstanding people within my organization, but I need your help too. Above you’ll find a number of ways to share this page (and the rest of the site) with others. I ask you to share it with as many people as you can think of. Not everyone loves following the markets, but no person can get through life without taking responsibility for their own financial well being. We’re looking to empower Canadians to take control of their financial destiny – so please help spread the word!

Larry M Berman, CFA CMT CTA

Host of Berman’s Call on BNN
Chief Investment Officer, Partner at ETF Capital Management
Co-Founder of The Independent Investor Institute


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