ETF Capital Management

ETF Capital Management is our sister company focused on managing and building wealth for clients that wish to delegate all or a portion of their assets to a professional money manager. We are a firm without a hidden agenda, or products to sell you. We have a singular mission – help Canadians do better with their money. If you have not been well served by “buy and hold” investing, and are wondering what’s next – we can help. We offer customized Portfolio Management services. Our expertise includes Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), active risk management, and applying technical analysis to both stock and ETF strategies to help stack the odds in your favour. Larry Berman is the Chief Investment Officer and partner at ETF Capital Management.


Know Your Money Is Safe

Your hard earned assets are safe with ETF Capital Management. We employ National Bank Correspondent Network as a fully independent custodian.

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New Clients

If you would like to become a Client of ETF Capital Management, please visit us online or contact us at:

416.223.ETFS [3837]
or 888.ETF.WRLD [383.9753]

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