Our Instructors

Our commitment is to provide you with knowledge that can drive tangible results for your financial portfolio.

Learn from Seasoned Professionals

Our instructors are seasoned professionals that primarily make their living by investing; either by short-term trading and/or longer-term portfolio management techniques. At the Independent Investor Institute you will always learn from a professional trader and/or investor, that has excelled in their field and have a deep rooted desire to share their knowledge with others.

Our Lead Instructors

Our master instructor is Ziad, who travels across Canada educating investors on trading and portfolio management techniques. His dedication to raising the bar for financial literacy is unmatched. Ziad ensures that you fully absorb all concepts from the basics to more advanced strategies, by providing you with step-by-step common sense instruction, derived from his vast history of live trading experience.

Committed to Continuously Improving

Comprehensive formal feedback is collected from every graduate of our courses, to ensure that we continuously improve our instruction techniques while incorporating the changing needs of our students. All our instructors have two key passions: the markets & teaching!

Ziad Jasani


Ziad is a co-founder and partner at the Independent Investor Institute. His focus is on empowering investors to do better through education. He teaches the fundamentals of financial markets and how to navigate them with skill, precision and excellence. His passion for business, the markets and especially teaching is infectious!

Prior Experience

Like most of his students, Ziad didn’t start his career in the financial markets. He brings over 20 years of small business and senior corporate management experience to Larry’s team. He was a top executive in the consumer packaged goods industry – serving as a senior director at firms such as Canada Bread and General Mills managing and growing product portfolios of over $300 million+. Ziad also built and managed several of his own businesses including, restaurants, and convenience stores.

From Corporate Executive to Self-Directed Trader

In 2008, Ziad made a bold move, leaving his corporate desk and selling his businesses to travel the world and focus on trading for a living. After investing a significant amount of time to educate himself about how to trade, Ziad attended one of ETF Capital Management’s events and met with Larry to become a Client. He found Larry’s knowledge so compelling compared to the courses he had taken, he partnered with Larry’s team to bring Larry’s expert knowledge and process to those who are doing their own investing.

Ziad’s time with Larry was spent both as student and business partner. Under Larry’s tutelage Ziad has been expertly trained to use a combination of global macroeconomic fundamental and technical analysis tools to successfully navigate financial markets. His key areas of market expertise are in picking overall equity market direction and identifying low risk high reward trades.

Ziad now brings a new level of hands-on investing and trading education to students at the Independent Investor Institute, which has garnered outstanding reviews and testimonials from investors empowered by their new knowledge.

Educational Background

Ziad is a graduate of the Schulich School of Business with specialty in Finance, Economics and Analytics. He has been a successful trader since 2008.

Richard (Rick) Atkinson


Rick is the founder and president of RA Retirement Advisors specializing in retirement planning. He teaches people currently considering or planning for retirement as well as those who are recently retired how to create a happy and stimulating life after work.

Rick is the author of the best-selling book, Don’t Just Retire – Live It, Love It! and the popular workbook, The First Step.

Prior Experience

Before retiring, Rick was a human resources management specialist working as both an internal and external HR consultant in manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, health and social services. He consulted to provincial and municipal levels of government.

Among positions held, Rick was a senior executive with Med-Chem Laboratories, BP Selco Mining and Imperial Oil, responsible for the human aspect of these successful firms.

During Rick’s working history, Rick trained and coached employees at all levels of organizations. He was known for his practical, interactive and results oriented workshops and his one-on-one caring style of coaching and mentoring.

From Corporate Executive to Self-Directed Trader

Over Rick’s business career, he observed hundreds of people retire – the successful and the not so successful. What he witnessed was successful retirees recognize the need to plan for happiness and productivity. They evaluate what’s important to them and construct actions to satisfy their needs and wants (often times much more than the money!).

Rick’s observations, together with in-depth interviews with hundreds of successful retirees, resulted in Rick’s book Don’t Just Retire and his The First Step Workshop.

Rick has addressed thousands of boomers across Canada, facilitated hundreds of workshops and coached scores of people. All with the aim of aiding attendees acquire true retirement satisfaction.

Rick is now associated with the Independent Investor Institute offering his retirement knowledge, insights and experience to students.

Educational Background

In addition to a MBA from York University and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia, Rick holds the Ontario Society of Training and Development’s Advanced Level Certificate of Achievement.

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