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For many years I employed various financial advisors to take care of my investments. Consistently poor returns, often large losses and an inability to match the broad market indexes left me frustrated and worried about my financial future.


Ten years ago, I decided to take personal control of my finances by managing my own investments. My results have been mixed and the down turn in the markets in 2008 has made me weary of trading in the uncertain world economy. Despite regular reading about trading techniques and style, I have found it difficult to come up with an approach to investing which is not overly complex and time consuming, and also allows me to sleep at night! My goal is to be in control of my finances and to have freedom to enjoy other aspects of my life.


Larry Berman’s Independent Investor Institute’s 2-Day Trading Workshop is a systematic approach through macro and technical analysis. It helps to identify potential trades and weighs the risks and rewards involved. In addition, and possibly more importantly it helps you to understand the psychology of the markets and your own personal biases which have a major impact on your investing success.


The information-packed workshop is laid out in an easy to understand format. I believe the two members involved in developing and presenting the material in the workshop are a great complement to each other. Ziad Jasani is both enthusiastic and energetic, and determined that you should understand all the concepts covered. His presentation skills are unparalleled. Larry Berman’s experience in analyzing the financial markets gives “color” and insight into how the markets operate and helps to put the workshop information into context. His reputation as one of Canada’s leading analysts is certainly warranted.


The 2-Day Trading Workshop is money well spent and the Independent Investor Institute allows you to repeat as many times as you wish at a nominal cost. I have already completed the workshop twice and will continue to be a repeat student to reinforce the information-packed teachings.


In closing I would like to thank Larry and Ziad for giving me the confidence to be able to successfully navigate today’s complex uncertain financial markets and to set me on a course towards developing financial wealth and freedom.


I have managed my own finances for 10 years using many trading platforms and analysis packages. The Trading Workshop opened my eyes to new questions that I need to answer every day to make informed decisions.

They gave me an understandable process to follow but also encouraged me to define my own style of trading.

Ziad has high energy, is very personable, and amazed me with the depth of his knowledge.


David, Solutions Architect, SAP

I truly enjoyed the depth covered in this course. It was more than I had expected.

When analyzing an individual company, I learned to examine the relative performance of the overall market as well as the industry sector that the company is in; as they are strongly correlated.

The course gives me a methodical frame work to evaluate the merit of each target, hopefully that will reduce the impact of personal bias inherent in the process. Ziad and Larry shared with us the ‘rules of thumb’, sources of market intelligence, as well as the analytical tools that one can use. The course gives me the basic know-how and confidence to “actively” manage my portfolio.


I attended the 2-day Trading Foundations Workshop facilitated by Larry Berman and Ziad Jasani of the Independent Investor Institute. I am a novice trader. I have felt overwhelmed by the volume of information that is available regarding how/when to trade stocks. Being an engineer, I have a strong need to evaluate all of the data available before making a decision. The result is usually indecision.

The Trading Foundations Workshop was the catalyst I needed to move out of “analysis paralysis”.

Thanks to Ziad and Larry, I now have the tools and skills that I need to feel confident in making strong stock trading decisions. I recognize that I won’t always be correct, but I am now confident in my ability to mitigate my exposure. Thank-you Larry and Ziad for guiding me into the stock market world!


Diane W. P.Eng

I have taken few trading courses in the past. From my past experiences, I had some scepticism about the value of these courses. But when I found out that Larry Berman, whom I follow on BNN and have tremendous respect for, offering this rare two day workshop I took advantage of it. I wasn’t disappointed.

Larry and his capable business partner Ziad Jasani have tailored this course to cater for the varied skills and experience of participants. For the first time I got a glimpse of how the world markets works and how the smart money flows in and out. This insight gave me the confidence to manage my own portfolio. It was a fantastic feeling knowing that you are learning from a professional portfolio manager.


Hello Ziad / Larry,


Thank you for sharing your investment knowledge at your Trading Workshops!

After years of working with limited investment knowledge and consequently engaging in limited investment planning and management, I am pleased that I have now attended both your one and two-day Trading Workshops. The understanding that I have obtained through your education, hands-on course materials and ongoing market analysis and commentary has helped and will continue to help me in developing, executing and analyzing my investment decisions. I am now eager to take a more active role in my investment activities and look forward to your future Workshops and your Daily Research and Commentary.


Thank you again and
Warm regards,



The Independent Investor Institute workshops are the revolution in finance education that should have been implemented years ago. Giving you the knowledge and tools, the workshops provides the average investor with the tools and techniques required to navigate today's volatile marketplace.

Easy to understand and at an affordable rate, the instructors deliver upon everything they promise and a lot more.

If you sincerely wish to learn how to manage and grow your own money, then I highly recommend the two day workshop as a informative starting point! Vincent  

Ziad & Larry, exactly what's needed, all the ingredients to formulate a method and a  "Plan". The tools to protect, grow and manage one's investment were very well presented. It was easy to stay connected throughout. I hope to work with the tools till I can expand them at your May event.

Cheers, George

I wanted to take some time to express my sincere thanks for the Larry Berman’s Basics Workshop that I attended on Friday, October 28, 2011. It was a fabulous day shared by a wide cross section of people with the same goal – to become a smarter investor.


I have been trading for 3 years, pretty much learning as I went. When I began this journey I did not know what a bull or a bear market was! I am proud to say that I have been successful with my trading, mindful not to leave out that it is not without error or risk. I firmly believe in the investing process and my goal with the course was to gain more knowledge of the tools available to help make better decisions.


I was extremely pleased with the layout of the course touching on the macro and micro economic impacts, and where to find this information. The tools we went over in the afternoon gave great insight to how they are used, and what they are indicators of. We covered a lot of tools but it was presented in a way that was practical. It was good trying to put those tools to work. The presentation of these tools was overwhelming at times, but it is great being able to re-attend one of the seminars to go over the ideas again. Being educated is being empowered – the best tool ever.


I’m glad we touched briefly on the risk management and portfolio balancing, wishing we had a bit more time for that, but we did speak of it throughout the day, which I think is important for investors for asset protection.


It was a FABULOUS day of learning and understanding. I thank you both for bringing together a class that reaches out to everyday investors, helps us overcome our fears, and empowers us to do better for ourselves.



I just wanted to thank all of the crew at ETFCM for making such an amazing course!!

I had taken the 1-day course 6 months ago. I really learned a huge amount of information. In fact, so much so, that I didn’t retain it all. I went back through my notes and slides they provided to review. It began to sink in over the next few months, as I used the strategies they taught us. I honestly wish that I had taken these courses BEFORE I invested a penny!!! I would have saved a ton of money!!!

I got so much out of that course, that I decided to take the 2-day course, and again, learned more and more. I’ve already made back more than what I’ve paid in fees, with the knowledge they’ve given me.

Larry Berman and Ziad Jasani are very rare people indeed. They actually WANT to help you learn to become a better investor. I believe, that this is very rare thing in the world of investing.

Of course, you can use their services to invest your money for you as well. Either way, you will be doing yourself one of the biggest favors in your life, by attending any of their courses.

I’ve finally found people I can trust in this industry!! And yes, I am planning to continue building my investing knowledge, with more courses with Larry Berman and his team!!



Ziad, Larry and Team,


I would like to thank all of you for the opportunity that I was given to me to participate in your trading course on Mar 2 and 3.


I had some previous TA experience prior to the course but not a real structured way of applying it to trading. The course has helped me understand more of the use of support, resistance, trends, indicators, candlesticks and macro world events.


I would recommend your course to anyone with trading experience and also to beginners who are just getting into trading.


This was the first trading course that I had taken and it wasn't without some skepticism. But after the first day I was totally convinced that I made the right decision and couldn't wait for day 2.


In the end I believe that I have come out of the course with much more knowledge and greatly needed confidence. This should make my trading a more enjoyable and relaxed experience and hopefully a more profitable one in the future.


Thank-you very much for your knowledge, help and professionalism.


Best regards,



The Independent Investor Institute not only gave me the knowledge to invest wisely in this period of market uncertainty, but it also gave me the skills, tools and confidence to profit in it.


I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to take control of their finances.  It was a very positive experience and I was  impressed with the level of expertise and professionalism of the instructors.  From a global perspective to technical analysis tools the course provided valuable information and concrete steps in order to validate market opportunities and trade like the pros.  The course was simply outstanding!!! Feizal.

Larry is very engaged when presenting his “Trading Foundations” program. Larry and his team strip away all the “chatter” and present the fundamental tools of Technical Analysis. This program would be of interest to all who are interested in how to make an overall investment decision as well as a trading decision. You can’t become a trader overnight but this is the place to start.



I learned more in two days than I have in the past 3 years of trading! I put a few things into action immediately and it saved me more than double what the course cost!! Thank you!!"

Ian W. Co-Founder - Right Foot Green

The content in this course has allowed me to better understand the factors that should be considered during the trading process.  I now have a step by step system to identify opportunities and to evaluate potential trades, establish an execution and exit strategy and increase my chances of making profitable trades.  This has resulted in a much improved confidence level and the tools the course establishes enable me to be able to trade on the side while focusing on my career.  This course has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of trading for me and I highly recommend this course to my friends and family. David.

I highly recommend the 1 or 2-day course hosted by the Independent Investor Institute.  Instructors Larry Berman and Ziad Jasani take vast amounts of sometimes complex material and present it in a format that can be quickly absorbed and used by the retail investor.

Beginning with a macro view on markets and investor psychology, the course then drills down into specific tools and techniques that can be used to trade for success. 

Participants come out of the course with everything they need to begin to profitably trade on their own.  This course is a must for anyone who wishes to manage their own investments and successfully build wealth for the future.


On March 2 and 3rd, I attended Larry Berman’s Trading Foundations Workshop. I have been an active stock market investor for many years and subscribe to several Canadian investment publications and on-line newsletters.  Although these are great reference sources for identifying current market trends; and stocks, ETF’s, and mutual funds that might reward me with a good return, I felt that more technical analysis would help me make more informed decisions.

The Trading Foundations Workshop delivered all and more! I enjoyed both Larry and Ziad’s training styles and the depth of their knowledge.  I gained valuable insight into the global market; improved my skills in charting basics, support and resistance levels and trend analysis.  On Day 2 of the workshop, Larry and Ziad guided us through the process of using these tools to prepare and manage a personal investment portfolio based on my risk profile.

Thanks Larry and Ziad!  I am looking forward to attending future workshops.


I recently attended Larry Berman’s Trading Basics 2 Day Workshop and was very impressed with the course content and the instructors.  Larry Berman and Ziad Jasani did a great job of providing real life insights into the financial markets, and encouraged student feedback and questions.  The course provided a methodical approach to integrate various macroeconomic and technical analysis in order to make informed investment decisions.  The course materials and follow-up documentation were excellent, including the “analysis journal” which provides a structured approach to individual stock analysis, and some great references to free web resources for financial market analysis.  I would recommend this course to anyone looking for additional investing tools and knowledge. Dale.

After watching Berman's Call on BNN  for a while I had the chance to attend one of Larry's speaking events in Toronto. That is where I met Ziad and learned about the opportunity to develop a skillset to turn the market investing odds in my favor. 

During the two day course , Larry and Ziad provided not only the basic information for a solid foundation, but the educated way of analyzing the market both from a global and price action perspective. By combining all that great information with the free online tools and resources that were mentioned I feel better prepared to invest in the financial market and shape my own investment portfolio. Thank you!


Ziad and Larry:

What a great course delivered by two great instructors! I feel we have been given the tools necessary to make informed decisions on what, when, and how to buy. We learned how to get in AND how and when to exit both when things go right OR when things go wrong. Thank You Larry and Ziad for giving your weekend over so generously for our education. Regards…Gord St. Thomas, Ontario

I have a deep respect for Larry Berman, and I try to never miss his show on BNN. I’ll watch it online if I am travelling. I like his matter-of-fact style and no allegiance to hidden agendas.

When he started doing presentations sponsored by BMO, I was delighted to attend. They were very informative, but they left me wanting more.

The postulate that buy-and-hold is not going to generate enough returns to beat inflation certainly got my attention. So when he offered the Learn to Trade with Larry Berman, I was immediately interested.

It is not inexpensive, and it takes two days, so it was a decision that was not easy to make. I recognize that in regard to the risk of poor investments and sub-par returns, it is not that much, and it is a pretty fair price for 2 full days. I considered doing a weekend session in London if I could not find the two weekdays. I finally bit the bullet.

It has been an intense 2 days. The program is logical, builds top-down from the macro-economic perspective all the way to a security specific analysis.

I understand the importance of the economic backdrop, and I now have a few tools to assess that, and measure “chatter” on current issues to assess whether they might dominate the agenda. Being a bit lazy, I would like to count on Larry’s daily research newsletter, but I am not sure that is adequate.

I understand the importance of understanding sector outlook, and the course gave me a host of tools to use and make sense of the information I get from various sources. Listening to pundits on TV is fine, but some are just not that smart, and some are carrying an obvious hidden agenda. The cognitive bias material bears refreshing at every opportunity!

Finally, the technical analysis tools and examples are what brought the course home. I have long been a skeptic on technical analysis, often wondering if it was invented to make momentum trading look respectable. I have come to terms with the notion that that is how markets trade, and to ignore it at my own peril. So these tools provide a way to understand what the market is doing, and how it might react from now. Ziad made sure we understood the main patterns, the ones that have a high probability of being predictive. I am also more comfortable that I will not ace every trade, so I can put a fail-safe strategy in place with greater confidence that it is only common sense, not defeatism.

Finally, it was delight to work with Ziad over the two days, to benefit from his perspective and experience over the years. He is fun, informative, always ready to explain something we did not understand, and he has a wealth of knowledge to share. His enthusiasm kept me engaged as we went through a lot of material. The course handouts are well designed to help retention. The practical exercises are invaluable in driving understanding, practicing, and getting better retention. My challenge will be to use what I have learned to become a better investor.

Trading Foundations sets the parameters for the individual investor to acquire the necessary information to evaluate risk and enter a trade position with confidence. The same analytical approach directs this same investor to exit the trade at the most appropriate point to either take a reasonable profit or keep a loss small.

Planless is the lowest form of strategy. Trading Foundations places the individual investor at the opposite end of this spectrum. Decisions are based on numerous indicators that encourages a purposeful disciplined approach to investing. Risk management becomes a self fulfilling prophecy with this systematic approach.

Many plants and animals flourish only when Mother Nature is kind. Unfortunately many investors also fall into this category. Trading Foundations guides the investor to acquire and assess relevant information to make appropriate entries, durations and exits resulting in vastly improved chances of success and conversely avoid the always present pit falls that exist in the market.

The nominal service charge to repeat the course in the future is a real bonus. The second time around you come away with a better understanding of many of the tools provided. All of these tools are relevant to making better trading decisions.

I am already a more confident investor with a higher degree of success in this volatile market.

An exceptional fast paced 2-day workshop that reflects the high level of commitment that the Independent Investor Institute has in building an individual's knowledge and confidence in market trading.  

Presenters were very generous in sharing their expertise and wisdom.  Valuable insights into the market were provided based on current data and linked back to course curriculum so as to reinforce the trading implications.  Not only did this provide me with added skills to improve the effectiveness of my trades BUT was also of value in helping me move forward towards a more consolidated investment strategy.  Bruce

I attended this workshop for a definite purpose. In the past I have taken the Canadian Security Course as well as the one on Technical Analysis. Though I did get some knowledge on many trading indicators, I came out with too much theory and not any definite strategy on how to put all this information together to get a better understanding of the market. So consequently, when it came to making investment decisions I became paralyzed, hesitant and ended up not making any transactions.


The workshops that I attended this past April 28-29 gave me a definite strategy to follow in the analysis of a stock, the study of macro economics and how to organize this information. I gained a better understanding of market indicators and its relevance to the direction of the market. The flow chart provided is a great tool that will give me the confidence to trust my analysis of stocks and follow through with action on investments.


The presentation of the information was well organized, clearly explained and the instructor always patient and making sure that the concepts were understood. The use of audio visual material and the study guide provided made it easy to follow the content of the course and will be a very important reference as I apply the information gained on the weekend to the real world of investing.


My thanks to Ziad Jasani and Larry Berman for providing me the opportunity to attend this Trading Workshop in London. With their wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience, I felt very fortunate to be part of the group and am convinced that both of these instructors had our best interest at heart.


I found that the “Trading Foundations” workshop delivered the critical skills and knowledge I need as an individual retail investor.

Larry Berman and his team combine formidable expertise with enthusiasm to produce a professional and successful learning environment.  

I was able to raise my level as an investor beginning the very next business day.  Clearly the Independent Investor Institute is succeeding in raising the level of financial literacy in the investing public, and is doing so in a cost-effective manner for the ‘little guy’ like me.

Overall, an enjoyable and very worthwhile course that I can recommend without reservation.


This is not a get-rich-quick type of class that we have all seen and heard before, but rather a truly sincere group who strive to teach the principles of trading that are used by the industry professionals today.  I have engaged in two workshops hosted by the Independent Investor Institute with Larry and Ziad. 


I am new to trading and my goal is to learn a methodical approach to managing my own TFSA. I chose to sign up for these courses after watching Larry’s show on BNN and realizing his approach and view on the markets coincided perfectly with mine.


The presentations were very well organized and presented in a manner that was easy to follow and understand.  The information was humbly presented with Ziad consistently declaring “there are no stupid questions here”.  They explain why the “buy and hold” strategy isn’t always profitable in certain environments, when to enter and exit positions, and techniques to managing your own portfolio. 


The days are split into macro analysis and technical analysis which is organized in a top-down approach taught to narrow down potential opportunities.  The result is a more quantified approach to determine when to buy, sell or hold.  After completing the workshops I was able to use the strategies learned right away with great success.


Thanks again Larry and Ziad!




26 years old, Toronto

If you need to trade smart or even smarter, this workshop is a must. From an absolute novice that scoured the internet for trading strategies, the end of day two left me confident that I could safely and effectively manage my portfolio.  


This course covers a lot, but is well paced and focuses on the exact topics that require special attention. I will definitely recommend this course for beginners and the experienced alike as it was obvious that everyone learned a lot! Thanks, Chris.

I like to attend Larry's education seminars because he anchors my feet to the ground so to speak in my investment behaviour. In other words I become more data driven and less emotion driven. There is at least in my case the tendency of falling back into  emotion  particularly in the heat of challenging market environments. As a result I intend to take regular refreshers from Larry to keep myself in check. Larry's seminars also give me the chance to ask him questions and get valuable tactical and strategic advice. The most important part however is better understanding of why I make an investment or withdraw from one which essentially means less of a stress in making those decisions thus leading to more successful decisions.


I attended the Independent Investor Institute held in Calgary on May 4-5, 2012. Overall I found the weekend’s focus centred on trying to make the attendees better stock market investors/traders.


Emphasis was placed firstly on reading the overall Macro factors effecting world stock markets and how they affect the behaviour of stock prices in general. More emphasis looked at the effects on currency fluctuations which again impact market performance.


Technical analysis was a welcome component to the weekend which had its fundamental focus on support and resistance. This I found quite helpful and overlooked in my overall trading strategy. We were shown the importance and how to determine if a company’s stock price was expensive or cheap in relation to its sector’s relative strength.

Teaching then took place with core individual technical indicators/studies like RSI, MACD and Bollinger Bands. This discussion, in conjunction with the concept of Divergence added another layer to the whole picture of analysis.


The 2nd day was valuable in that the instructor pieced it all together to go hunt for a stock, analyze it, and then consider various entry and exit options using chart data and drawing trend lines for support and resistance.


Overall, a very good seminar. Ziad Jasani was the core instructor, knowledgeable, and did a great job considering the various levels of experience in the room. With the vast amount of knowledge being covered I thought he did an effective job of keeping the weekend on track. Hospitality services were very good and having everything “in house” allowed the student to maximize the whole learning experience.


I would highly recommend anyone with an interest in being a do it yourself stock market participant to take this course.


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