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Dejan Ristic

Prior to joining the Trading Ideas community, I had some great investing ideas, that I let go, and some less than ideal investment ideas that I pursued. The Trading Ideas Community has provided me with a great sounding board on entering and exiting trades, specifically on a risk adjusted basis. In addition, I have learned how to integrate the overall macroeconomic backdrop into a trading “swing” methodology, taking into account various factors, such as interest rates, FX, momentum and many other factors. The Community insight is priceless, and I highly recommend it.

Marvin Gebauer

I have been watching the trading for approx. 9 months and am amazed at how much analysis is being done by Ziad and friends . I have not started trading yet but hope to soon. I would rather take the time and be patient and learn as much as possible before risking my money.But I need to try soon as the real lessons are learned with experience . I really enjoy Ziad's comments on his daily trading ! There seems to be something for traders at all levels .I can not recommend his program too much !! Great and Awesome !!

Awni Mamdani

I have been watching Ziad's market analysis for a few months now and find his global as well as sector analysis to be very clear and helpful and I am convinced that no serious investor should be without it. I have become his annual subscriber as his analysis are priceless. I have been in the market for over 40 years.

Garry Graham

I have been trading for 20 years. Not always successful. Usually what would happen is if the market went up I would make money, down I would loose. Ziad and his system has demonstrated how to buy on the dips and sell at the tops. His daily videos keep me out of trouble when the market is going sideways or down. I am l lot calmer with his advise. It surprises me how patient you have to be to maximize your gains. Thanks Ziad

Alberto Quiroz

It has been a great ride! Ziad is very analytical and objective, always probing and exploring both sides of the trade. His use of statistical tools provides deeper insights and better decision making. The i3 community has attracted others that add to the knowledge and skills that Ziad brings, like Mike Petroski, Tim Lozon, Carlos Scoto, Phillip Martins and others that bring different perspectives for all. Whether you are a day trader, short, mid or long term investor there is insight for your decision making at the i3 community.

Audrey Miller

I went looking for a better way to learn about the markets after becoming disillusioned with advisors. Found Ziad at a seminar in Edmonton April of 2015 and have been with the group since. I attended a week long course in Toronto at the Institute with Ziad - had I 20/20 vision would have waited till I had more knowledge before attending but still was beneficial in my trading journey. I have gained enough knowledge and confidence over this time to manage my portfolio and increase the value. I work full time, bring a laptop with me and follow along online. I totally enjoy the group and have benefited immensely from it - well still am. The members and Ziad are willing to help, answer questions, give guidance to anyone who wants it. This has and is still a very enjoyable and educating journey for me and I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone interested in learning about the markets. My name is Audrey and I reside in small town Alberta

Curtis Podann

I have learned so much in 10 months. I would not trade the market unless i belonged to this community. Ziad is the best instructor of the markets that i have seen.

Istvan Kovacs

I Am joining the trading ideas community sept 2014.I have learned lot since then.Ziad is the best advisors and teacher of the markets.

I will recommend his program. I have been trading for 25 years only 50-50 successful.Ziad system make me more profit. Thanks Ziad.

Martin Pietzsch

I3 has been a great help in sifting through the deluge of information available and condensing it into a picture we can see. Their unbiased approach assist in understanding all the different markets and the affect they have on each other on a daily basis. Thanks Z.

Vel Pillay

I joined the community about a year ago. I have greatly benefited from Ziad candid take on the market. The analysis on a daily basis takes into account the big picture - Global market macros, sector analyses and group consensus and gives members the confidence and understanding of the market temperature. Weekly report is also vey beneficial to both novice investors and traders. The market has undergone a paradigm shift - the old philosophy of " buy and hold" no long hold muster. One has to be in tune with the market and Ziad provides this insight. Zias is sometimes bearish but this is well understood because his aim is to preserve your hard earned capital. I must honestly say that I have been able to preserve my capital and made small gains in this difficult market environment. I owe it to Ziad's and other members' guidance.

Risk and opportunities are inherent the market. How you manage your capital (inventory) is what is important. The community as a whole is very knowledgeable and helpful to each other. Recommendations are made on the daily chat board but it is up to you to take it or leave it based on your own assessment of the situation after reviewing all the fact based evidence given by Ziad and other members.

Blanca Perez

I am very passionate about markets, but I stop investing when I lost money a couple of years ago. This kept me away from investing for almost a year until I found this community. There are three main things I learned from this group: First, to remove the emotions away, so that we can make unbiased decisions; second, to not chase markets and wait for a better set up to enter the trade; and last but not least, to be persistent. In my opinion, there is no secret formula to beat markets, it’s a learning process that with the right guidance and dedication, good profits can be made. My goal is to become a pro trader. I’m very grateful for being in the group and many thanks to Ziad for supporting this community!

Hanish Wassan

I have been with the I3 community for about 10 months now. I have learned a lot from Ziad's analysis, coaching sessions and classes as well as other members' valuable insights. Importance of risk management is the primary lesson I have learned in the past few months as being part of this community. I find that I am more objective and unemotional when making trading decisions, more patient in waiting for the proper trade setup and most importantly having a risk management plan in place.

Jim Rhode

The TradingiDEAS community has been a more than worthwhile investment of my time and $$, i continuously learn from you and from members of the group. I have been an active investor for years so always good to have others thoughts contribute to my own whether similar or opposing views. I value the time spent as one of my biggest flaws is to act quickly in fear of missing the action, the patience and pausing for confirmation you and this group has taught me has made me a much much better investor. There should be a degree in active investing as I've learned so in the nearly 2 years as a member! Thanks again Ziad and all Trading IDEAS members for helping build a more knowledgeable, confident group of investors.

Brad Williams

TradingiDEAS is so much more than just an investing community for me. It has inspired me to all new highs in life itself. Having been involved in the community for just over a year, the knowledge I have gained is invaluable. I feel much more confident in the trades I make and my overall investment confidence has grown exponentially. TradingiDEAS has been so educational for myself, I have decided to switch my career path in life in to reflect this. Ziad has been such a wonderful mentor/coach, I have decided to leave behind Environmental Consulting to pursue a financial career. I hope to one day be able to help others invest wiser, much like Ziad has done for me.

Lois Topham

I joined Ziad a year ago after retiring from 30 years in the Investment Industry. As we were not allowed to trade our own accounts, I was required to pay someone else to manage my money. After paying Management Fees since 2000, I had about the same amount of money that I gave them 15 years earlier. (I had previous managers that all lost money for me.) I moved my money to ITrade and have set about managing my own money. This community keeps me thinking about the market as a whole and not just Equities. I love to trade, so it's opened up a whole new universe of ETF's and Currencies that I never had the opportunity to trade previously, and helps search out what Sectors and Countries have better odds of Outperforming. Previously I spent my days glued to CNBC and ROB TV to stay current, but I rarely turn on the TV anymore. It's much more informative to take Ziad's one week course to learn his methods, and then listen to Ziad's analysis and read what other investors have to say in the chat. If I'm home, I leave my computer on to watch the market, and read what others are doing throughout the day, as we have some very knowledgeable long term investors in this community. I'm not saying every trade works out, but my trades are more logical and not determined totally on emotion.

Karen Jones

I joined this group late in the Fall of 2015. It has been remarkably helpful. Trading on my own was isolating. Ziad keeps me on the right side of the market, thinking globally and trading with less emotion and more understanding. He is an articulate, engaging, supportive and a systematic teacher. The community contributes live on the chat board along with Ziad, providing information, insights and answering questions. I have traded off and on for about 10 years. Many times feeling very frustrated because I could not figuring out what was happening, why was oil going down? why did the US dollar go up? joining this group made a huge difference. If you want to be a trader or a more successful investor give Ziad and his group a try...I wish I had joined sooner. Excellent live support while the market is open. Thank you Ziad.

Marya Howell

An exceptional learning experience into the analysis of stocks, currencies, and markets. Well worth it! Thanks! Zaid

Don Pawson

As a long term investor I have always had difficulties with assessing the market quickly when it swings either way, but particularly downward. The Trading IDEAS program (Ziad and all of the participants) have been particularly helpful at identifying the level(s) and the day(s) when the market is making major turns. Having this valuable insight dramatically reduces the losses during downturns - as you can go to cash and dramatically increases the profits - as you can buy near bottoms.

John Livingstone

One of the greatest weaknesses I have is pushing the market in the direction I want the market to go by sheer will. That does not work !!!!!! One of the best things I have learned is to follow the stats and regression tools and leave emotion out of the equation. I am stubborn and have had to learn to give in to the analytics and not go in when I should not and to get out of the swings when I should. Mr. Z drills that it to the group and I will tell you I needed a lot of drilling. The group comments are steadying and there are quality group comments as various members have a great deal of life experience. The group has made a difference . My biggest problem is that I took a fill in term position ( I am a CPA / small practice) which has become a huge job and I cannot devote enough time to the group. !!!!!

John Livingstone

I joined the community a little over a year ago. I had decided to take a more active role in managing my investments. Swing trading was new to me. After I got more confortable with the methodology and basic tools, I better appreciated the daily sessions. I value Ziad's approach to analysing the market and communicating the various alternatives. In the end, the decision to act is your own but I really like the fact that I don't feel isolated in trying to figure out what's going on in the markets and how to best position my portfolio. Ziad has attracted a number of interesting individuals that are willing to share their approach and analysis. The caliber of the work that is shared is impressive as is the evolution of the chat board. I believe I am a more patient trader and less emotional about my trades. I am also tracking the trades better and learning from my successes and failures.

John Livingstone

I joined the community a little over a year ago. I had decided to take a more active role in managing my investments. Swing trading was new to me. After I got more confortable with the methodology and basic tools, I better appreciated the daily sessions. I value Ziad's approach to analysing the market and communicating the various alternatives. In the end, the decision to act is your own but I really like the fact that I don't feel isolated in trying to figure out what's going on in the markets and how to best position my portfolio. Ziad has attracted a number of interesting individuals that are willing to share their approach and analysis. The caliber of the work that is shared is impressive as is the evolution of the chat board. I believe I am a more patient trader and less emotional about my trades. I am also tracking the trades better and learning from my successes and failures.

Roger Young

I joined Trading Ideas in February of 2015. Up to December 2014, I had some investing success following friends recommendations, The Street, Motley Fool, BNN and a few news letters. Investing was relatively easy after 2009 if you stuck with banks and large caps. The upward trend flattened at the end of 2014 and became erratic. At this time I was following Larry Berman on BNN and attended a seminar in Ottawa, where I was introduced into Swing Trading with Ziad.. The sideways trending of the US and Canadian markets perfectly fitted the Swing Trading approach presented by Ziad. I joined the group and was into a steep learning curve digesting how the World Markets were reacting to global events and their affects on the North American markets. His coaching includes Macro to Micro diagnostics including weekly reports of expectations of the markets turning bullish - neutral - bearish. Trading days include live into the open and into the close commentaries as well as impromptu comments throughout the day, to the on-line community of 40 - 70 and more members helping each other. With the daily commentary I can learn and refine my skills with minimal stress by understanding what events may be driving the market. Thank you Ziad!

Darcy Grundy

If you are committed to taking your financial future into your own hands, the Trading IDEAS program is a must. Ziad has an excellent ability to combine pertinent global economic events with market behaviour to explain what is driving market activity on a daily basis. Ziad`s enthusiastic commentary provides the framework for my short and mid-term trading plans. I participate as much as possible in the live chat room with other members which I believe has really fast tracked my investing and trading education. The entire program is an excellent support system to investors at all levels. Big thanks to Ziad and members for making this a great community!

Hector Antia

I have learned a lot for last 6 months. Ziad comments daily before market opens and advises trading opportunity during market hours. His Technical analysis is very good on individual stocks and market. I would highly recommend him to everyone who is interested in learning technical & market analysis.

Carolyn Yeo

We have been investing for decades on a fundamental approach using primarily a buy & hold strategy and this has been successful over the long term. Realizing that significant downside risks present themselves from time to time as witnessed in the 2008 correction and others more recently.

We started investigations into technical tools that we could add to our repertoire, that would help us better understand the markets. We were looking for a group that supported capital preservation, providing tools to make better decisions, smoothing out those peaks and troughs. This has helped us better position our assets in market sectors and manage our portfolio through active trading.

We have found a like minded group in the Trading Ideas community, and since joining, our technical knowledge has grown tremendously. This program provides insight to the Global Macro Market view, tying together the inter-relationships between commodities, currencies and world equities with local market sectors.

We thank Ziad for his leadership and insights through daily coaching, and other various members of the community that have made continuous contributions with their specific market/sector strengths to augment our understandings. Members willingly share their insights, that otherwise would be very difficult to get.

Trading Ideas is a conservative investing group, with a strong eye on capital preservation, primarily geared to the swing trader, and is well versed in open discussion for day trading.

Nagaraja Byrojirao

Ziad is the best teacher I have seen so far. I had zero knowledge on investments. After joining investment ideas in May 2016, I could able to analyse stocks using all technical indicators taught by Ziad and make right decision at the right time. His in-depth analysis of equities and currencies will definitely help all investors. It is worth to join trading ideas and gain valuable ideas and knowledge. Good job Ziad. Thanks again for helping this community.

Christian Toanchina

Opinion --> Ziad is one of the best market analytics that I have met - and I am proud to be part of this community and having the possibility to increase my knowledge with such a good and respectful members - Mike, Marian, Tim, Dave, Michael, Carlos, Nelson, John, Eric and many others. There is no bad question - there is no need to hide our miss knowledge or our opinions - There might be other traders groups out there - however - I do not believe that they will ever reach the openness, sincerity and straightforward thinking of Ziad group. I personally try to give my support as per my knowledge - that is much inferior to of the many others from this group. One thing is for sure – Objectivity, knowledge and unselfish sharing is in my opinion – what defines the best this group.

Rick Payne

As a new investor I find Ziad's expertise and training to be profitable and a great learning experience. The amount of time and energy he puts into this investing Club is truly amazing. I do not hesitate to recommend him to friends and hope to have many profitable years trading by his side. Thanks Ziad.

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