Active Trader

Duration: 2 Day (15 Hours)

Class Size: 15 - 30

This course covers the dominant trading styles including: short term, trend/momentum, and swing trading. We will teach you how to leverage all the technology and software needed to become a successful online investor who trades just like the professionals.

Graduates of the Trading Foundations Course will take their learning and start applying it to real life trading situations on a professional trading platform in this class. You will spend two full days actively trading and putting all the theory you’ve learned into practice.

We will show you how to use professional charting and order execution software, all of which are available for you to take home upon graduation1.

You will trade live in class at our professional trading terminals while Larry’s team is by your side helping you identify low risk/high reward entries and exits.

We guarantee that upon completion of this course you will have gained invaluable real life trading experience, benefited from the guidance of a professional trader, and built a concrete set of skills in using online trading tools to identify and execute high probability trades with excellence.2

  • Identify which trading style(s) play to your strengths, capital investment, discipline and time commitment: swing trading, trend/momentum trading, intra-day trading.
  • Gain proficiency in using professional charting and order execution software in live markets
  • Master applying technical analysis tools and indicators on live charts to identify low risk/high reward entry and exits for your trades
  • Learn how to place both long and short trades
  • Learn how to use stops, limit orders and money management principles to effectively manage your risk
  • Identify the best and most important sources of real time market information and news
  • Begin operationalizing your trading plan built in the Trading Foundations Course
  • Platform Immersion: Using charting software like the pros
    • Introduction to a professional charting package (eSignal)
    • The Real Time (tick-by-tick) market data sources you need
    • Setting up your trading dashboard
    • Navigating the symbols (tickers) to identify indices, ETFs, stocks, bonds, and currencies to trade.
    • Applying technical analysis tools and indicators to charts including: trend lines, support & resistance lines, Fibonacci retracement lines, channels, chart patterns, candle stick patterns, range trading tools (Bollinger Bands), oscillators (RSI), momentum indicators (MACD).
    • Setting up relative performance charts
    • Using alerts when major technical events are triggered
    • Using market scanners to identify trading targets
    • Setting up watch-lists correctly
  • Platform Immersion: Using execution software like the pros
    • How to place quick order entry trades: Long and Short
    • Review of all order types and their respective roles
    • Trading U.S. and Canadian markets
    • How to use stops and limit orders effectively
    • Transferring the skills you learn to your discount broker
  • Getting the real news at the right time
    • Mainstream vs. Contra Mainstream sources
    • Real-Time Economic Data sources
    • Earnings consensus numbers, whisper numbers
    • Using streaming news services: audio and text
  • Introduction to the top 3 trading styles
    • Swing Trading – holding positions for days, weeks or months
    • Trend & Momentum Trading – holding positions for days
    • Intra-Day Trading – holding positions for minutes to hours
    • Determine which style(s) play to your strengths
  • Practice trading in class
    • Identifying your trading target
    • Setting up the essential charts to inform your trade
    • Layering tools and indicators to determine if the odds are in your favour
    • How to scale in and out of positions
    • Swing trading drills
    • Momentum & Trend trading drills
    • Intra-Day trading drills
  • Intermediate Investor
  • 1You will be granted a free 30 Day trial of eSignal charting and execution platform upon graduation of the Active Trader Course
  • 2 Terms & Conditions For Satisfaction Guarantee: In the rare case that you are dissatisfied with any of our courses you will be eligible for a full refund as long as you met the prerequisite and experience level criteria stipulated prior to taking the course. Having completed the stipulated prerequisites and possessing the stated experience level will ensure that you maximize your learning and potential in market results.
  • * The i3 Process is a proprietary analysis process protected by copyright laws

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