Active Trader: Global Macro

Duration: 1 Day (7.5 Hours)

Class Size: 15 - 30

In a global financial marketplace where everything is interconnected it is essential for an active investor to understand how all markets and asset classes influence each other, and more importantly how to identify which leads which. With a deep understanding of the Global Macro environment, you will be able to spot trend changes well ahead of the pack. For example if you are proficient at anticipating the movement of the Euro-US Dollar currency pair you significantly increase your chances of correctly predicting which way the price of commodities like oil or gold may go. Broaden your horizons to trade and invest on a global basis, across asset classes including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, ETFs and more.

This course focuses on chart based analytics of macro-economic indicators for major global economies, combined with global market performance across all asset classes to determine if risk is on or off. When “risk is on” we see assets higher up on the risk reward scale (like equities) strengthen. When “risk is off” we see assets lower on the risk reward scale (like the US Dollar) strengthen. Knowing which global macro events will lead to risk-on vs. risk-off conditions will give you a significant advantage in how you trade and build your overall investment strategy.

We will show you how to invest in the global market place using ETFs that offer country-specific, asset-class specific, and strategy-specific investment options.

This course is a natural extension for graduates of our Trading Foundations Course who recognize that global markets are highly correlated and want to leverage that knowledge to make higher probability trades locally and globally.

Once you’ve completed this course you will have learned a step-by-step methodology to determine if markets will be up or down in the short term, with a much higher probability of being right.

  • Understand how the global market landscape affects your trades: market sizes, relative performance, and inter-relationships
  • Identify and interpret the most important global macro economic indicators, news and earnings to assess if risk is on or off
  • Gain proficiency at evaluating whether risk is on or off using chart based analytics of the major asset classes on a global scale: currencies, derivatives, debt, equities and commodities.
  • Learn how to use ETFs to trade globally
  • Building your edge with global macro analysis:
    • What is global macro strategy?
    • Economic indicators, earnings and news on a global scale
  • Overview of global markets:
    • World markets: size, importance, indices
  • Risk On – Risk Off Scale:
    • Asset classes and their interconnections: currencies, derivatives, debt, equities and commodities
    • Understanding how one asset class can lead another
  • Macro Economic Indicators that matter:
    • Interest Rate Policy
    • Jobs
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail Consumption
    • Consumer Confidence
    • Housing
    • Trade Balance
    • GDP
    • Inflation
    • Leading indicator surveys (ECRI, Economic Sentiment)
  • Best sources for real time info
    • Mainstream/Contra-mainstream
    • Live release macro economic data & summaries
    • Organizing data in your inbox
  • Global Macro Analysis Filter:
    • Global undercurrents, structural trends
    • Geopolitical risks
    • Government / Regulatory body events
    • Interpreting Global Earnings
    • Trend of Global Economic Indicators
    • Relative Performance of Global Markets & Sectors
    • Evaluating Global Sentiment Indicators
    • Determining if Risk is on or off
  • Relative performance of asset classes globally
    • Comparing asset classes to each other
    • Comparing markets to each other
  • Following the smart money globally:
    • Use the i3 Process* (taught in the Trading Foundations Course) to analyze currencies, bonds commodities and world markets to determine if risk is on or off
  • Trading global ETFs:
    • Identifying which ETFs to use when developing a global trading strategy
    • Practice trading global ETFs
  • Intermediate Investor

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