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As a leading Canadian educational institution we want to raise the bar for financial literacy and empower Canadians to take control of their financial future. Our commitment is to provide you with world-class, hands on financial education that covers the full spectrum of do-it-yourself investing. From short-term trading to successfully building and managing your own portfolio, across many asset classes, for the longer term.

Our teaching style is unique and extraordinarily effective. We call it dynamic immersion. Here’s how it works: you are introduced to a topic, shown why it is relevant, then asked to use the concept to ensure you have grasped it. When you have proven that you have a working knowledge of the concept we then build on it and repeat the process. Our courses are taught by best-in-class instructors, that are seasoned veterans on the markets as well as gifted teachers. We guarantee that each student in our courses will maximize their learning potential.

We have small class sizes, usually around 20 people. All our courses include a hands-on element and at our Learning Centre you can practice your trading skills in live markets with a professional trading terminal. We also allow you to repeat any course you have taken with us in the past for a minor administration fee.

Our students are exceptional people from all walks of life that have excelled in their fields, and now want to build a new skill set that can pay dividends into the future. Much like a surgeon must practice her craft before she is allowed to operate, our students recognize the value in a holistic hands-on education prior to actively managing their investments. The majority of our students are between 40 - 70 years of age, yet all those that are interested in improving their financial future are welcomed.

If you learn better in smaller groups, we offer an exclusive Private Coaching program in our Learning Centre. Our Private Coaching Program is also an ideal learning opportunity for Investment Clubs seeking to improve their group strategies and educate their members.

Upon graduation from any of our courses you will receive a one month trial to our Trading iDEAS daily coaching program. You will receive daily videos with insights on market direction and optimal trade setups every trading day. You will also be granted participation in a weekly live online 2 hour Q&A session where your stocks will be analyzed and you will be coached to develop optimal trading plans for your positions.

Find a course that can raise your odds of becoming a successful trader and overall investor. Whether you are a novice or advanced investor we have a course that can take your results to the next level. Our courses cover the full spectrum of financial investing from short-term trading, to longer-term portfolio management. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the courses you take at the Independent Investor Institute, or your fee will be refunded!1 Take the next step and make the most important investment decision of all, become an educated trader.

  • 1 Terms & Conditions For Satisfaction Guarantee: In the rare case that you are dissatisfied with any of our courses you will be eligible for a full refund as long as you met the prerequisite and experience level criteria stipulated prior to taking the course. Having completed the stipulated prerequisites and possessing the stated experience level will ensure that you maximize your learning and potential in market results.

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