Professional Investor's Program

Duration: 7 Days

Price: $3,995.00

Class Size: 15 - 30

This is our most comprehensive program, intended for serious investors that want to actively manage their financial assets to protect and grow their wealth. You will be immersed into a step by step process to determine whether the odds are stacked in your favour for every trade you place. Next you will learn how to trade live in-class at our professional trading terminals with our team by your side helping you identify low risk/high reward entries and exits. You will then learn to take your trading knowledge global so that you can pick short term overall market direction with significantly higher odds of success. You will then pull all your knowledge together to construct a balanced portfolio, adjust it for risk, and trade positions around as needed to maintain returns while minimizing your risk. You will learn how to protect and grow your wealth by allocating your asset mix to the right places at the right time, while generating a stable income from your portfolio.

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