The First Step Your Retirement Planning Workshop

Duration: ½ day (3 hours, 30 minutes)

Price: $395

Class Size: 15 - 30

Research shows successful retirees recognize the need to plan for happiness and productivity. They evaluate what’s important and construct actions to satisfy their needs and wants. This course helps you build a personal retirement plan to enhance your life after work. You will create a vision of a realistic retirement and build an action plan to achieve a happy and productive retirement.

This course is for you if you are:

  • Between the ages of 45 to 65; married or single
  • Already retired but looking to add a little sizzle to your ‘golden years’
  • A person who is interested in assisting one or more loved ones (i.e. parents) achieve retirement satisfaction
  • Spouses/partners are welcome

Taking the first step to managing your life after work can be challenging. Retirement is much more than the money! It is finding happiness in personal pursuits, dealing with changing social roles and relationships, maintaining or improving one’s health, concerns about where to live, to name a few.

We guarantee upon completion of this course you’ll have begun your journey towards planning and achieving the retirement of your dreams.

  • Sharpened understanding of your retirement needs and interests before a crisis occurs
  • Learn the essential topics for inclusion in a holistic retirement plan including:
    • The importance of a detailed vision of retirement including setting goals and milestones
    • The role ‘work’ and/or ‘volunteering’ may play in your retirement
    • How to build a balanced leisure, health and wellbeing strategy
    • Steps for enriching relationships with spouse, family and friends
    • How to find and use a retirement coach or mentor
    • Identifying your ‘Bucket List’
  • Discover opportunities that add excitement and heighten personal fulfillment
  • Feeling you are living and enjoying retirement to its fullest!
  • Through workbook exercises, case discussion, group discussion and lecturettes, you will create a personal plan to enhance life after work.
  • Retire Right – Making your dreams reality
    • What does retirement mean to you?
    • Retirement is 2nd longest period in life
    • Retirement is about so much more than just the money!
    • The need for a realistic retirement vision
  • Basic building blocks in a retirement vision
    • Building a balanced leisure lifestyle to ensure an enjoyment of retirement life
    • A health and wellbeing strategy to maintain and/or improve one’s physical, mental and spiritual life
    • How best to enhance one’s social circle, family, friends and spousal/partner relationships
    • Taking charge – the power of attitude
  • Choosing where to live. Considering where you will spend your time is as important as considering how you will spend your time.
    • Satisfaction and suitability over time
    • Moving and the art of downsizing
  • The importance of finding and using one or more retirement coaches and mentors. Also, your role as a mentor to others.
  • Identifying your bucket list. What are all the things you really want to do?
  • Tips for success:
    • Imagine your legacy
    • Create and use a budget
    • Put things in writing
  • Frequently asked questions (and answers) including:
    • “My spouse and I are excited about planning for the next phase of our life together. Should we do all of this as a couple?”
    • “I went to your program by myself because my partner was not interested. Should I try to make him participate in the planning?”
    • “I’ve heard certain times of the year are better for taking the step to retirement. Is this true?”
    • “Once I’ve completed my plan and am living a holistic and well-balanced retirement, how often should I re-evaluate or re-do the plan?”
  • 3 Cases: Honeymoon Period; Living Alone; Upset Case
  • No experience required

Richard (Rick) Atkinson is Founder and President of RA Retirement Advisors and an expert in retirement planning. He is the author of the best-seller: Don’t Just Retire – Live It, Love It! a personal planning guide to enhance life after work. He created the popular workbook, The First Step.

Recognized as one of Canada’s retirement gurus, Rick is known for his practical, interactive and results oriented workshops.


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