Trading Foundations

Duration: 2 Days (15 Hours)

Class Size: 15 - 30

This course is designed to build the foundations of a successful investor. Once you’ve completed this course, you will have a firm grasp on the key tools and techniques professionals use to trade and profitably manage their portfolios, while minimizing their risk.

This course simplifies how to navigate financial markets. Employing a top down approach, The Institute will teach you how to use fundamental and technical analysis tools to analyze a variety of financial markets, and asset classes to identify optimal trading targets – this includes individual stocks, ETFs, bonds, currencies, and commodities.

We will give you a step by step approach to determine whether the odds are stacked in your favour for every trade you place. Build the skills necessary to protect your wealth, and profit in both bull and bear markets. Immediately start using the tools we teach you with confidence to identify low risk high reward entry and exit points for your trades. We show you how to apply every concept taught in this course using free online tools and data sources.

Whether you’re a long-term investor or shorter term trader we guarantee you will walk away with concrete skills to pick low risk high reward entries and exits, and have the confidence to trade smarter and more profitably!1

Make the most important investment decision of all, educate yourself.

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of how the financial markets actually operate to gain your edge
    • How global markets interconnect across all asset classes (currencies, derivatives, debt, equities and commodities) to affect your positions
    • Interpreting the current market environment including: news, earnings and economic data – to determine what are the true drivers of current market direction
  • Identify and gain proficiency with the skills required to stack the odds in your favour before during and after each trade
    • Crowd Psychology – Understanding sentiment & behaviour to anticipate the market’s reaction to events
    • Macro Analysis – Identifying and analyzing key market drivers to determine your market direction thesis
    • Technical analysis – Identifying trends and patterns to determine optimal entries, durations, and exits
    • Money & Risk Management – Setting parameters on how much to trade with and how much profit/loss is acceptable per trade
    • Executing with Excellence – Combining charting tools with your execution platform to trade like a professional; leveraging all order types
    • Individual Psychology – Managing your emotions to neutral as you make or lose money
  • Master utilizing a step-by-step rules based plan that combines all the concepts taught to evaluate whether the odds are in your favour for every trade you take and every position you currently hold.
  • Build your own unique trading plan that aligns with your skill level, capital investment and discipline.
  • Market Overview
    • How global markets operate
    • Deep dive into global equity markets
    • Current state of the macro economic environment
    • A look to the future
  • Crowd Psychology
    • Cycle of market emotions
    • Determining how much is “priced in”
    • Anticipating the market’s reaction to events
  • Macro Analysis
    • Structured approach to evaluating the economic environment to determine short term market direction
      • Where are we in the economic cycle?
      • Global undercurrents, structural trends
      • Geopolitical risks
      • Government / Regulatory body events
      • Interpreting Overall Earnings
      • Trend of Economic Indicators
      • Relative Performance of Markets & Sectors
      • Understanding Market Internals
      • Evaluating Sentiment Indicators
      • Determining Short Term Market Direction
  • Basic Trading & Charting Concepts
    • Long versus short
    • Interpreting Volume
    • General terms, definitions & vocabulary
    • How to read a candle stick chart
  • Technical Analysis 101
    • Candle Stick Patterns
    • Support & Resistance
    • Trend Evaluation
    • Chart Patterns
    • Oscillators: RSI
    • Range Trading Tools: Bollinger Bands
    • Momentum indicators: MACD
    • Volume Evaluation
  • Combining Macro Analysis & Technical Analysis on charts to find low risk high reward entries & exits
    • Step-by-step process to layering indicators on charts
    • Revisiting relative strength
    • Using a proven rules based analysis checklist (i3 Process*) to determine if the odds are in your favour
  • Practice identifying low risk high reward trades
    • Executing trades with excellence
    • Money management principles
    • Managing your Individual psychology when trading
    • Build your unique trading plan
  • Trading For Beginners
  • In lieu of attending Trading For Beginners you must have:
    • A discount brokerage account for > 6 months
    • Traded at least 2-3 times this quarter
    • Actively seek out market news and information
    • Solid working knowledge of topics covered in Trading For Beginners
  • Novice to Intermediate Investor
  • 1 Terms & Conditions For Satisfaction Guarantee: In the rare case that you are dissatisfied with any of our courses you will be eligible for a full refund as long as you met the prerequisite and experience level criteria stipulated prior to taking the course. Having completed the stipulated prerequisites and possessing the stated experience level will ensure that you maximize your learning and potential in market results.
  • * The i3 Process is a proprietary analysis process protected by copyright laws

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