Portfolio Management Online

9 Hours (3x 3hr Sessions)

Price: $995

Class Size: 20-50

This online course is designed for serious investors who want to build and manage a successful portfolio - that works no matter what the markets are doing. Whether you are retired or starting out, this class will show you how to construct a balanced portfolio, adjust it for risk, and trade positions as needed to maintain returns while minimizing your risk. In this course we focus on how to protect and grow your wealth by allocating your asset mix to the right places at the right time, while generating a stable income from your portfolio.

This course is a natural extension for graduates of our Trading Foundations and/or Swing Trading Online courses who are interested in pulling all the skills they’ve learned together to build a successful financial portfolio.

Upon completion of this course we guarantee that you will be well on your way to developing the skills required to build a tailor made, risk adjusted portfolio, and have a firm grasp on the tools required to keep it growing.

  • Determine what rate of return you need from your portfolio
  • Understand your unique risk tolerance
  • Understand how different asset classes (stocks, bonds, ETFs, currencies, derivatives) are interconnected and affect one another in your portfolio
  • Evaluate the global macro environment, economic cycle, earnings, and news to determine which asset classes and sectors are in or out of favour
  • Understand how to continuously diversify your portfolio by sector rotating and shifting between asset classes depending on changes in the economic cycle and global macro environment
  • Determine the optimal type and mix of investments for your portfolio to balance your needs for return versus your risk tolerance
  • Build a portfolio based on your time horizon, risk tolerance, desired returns and market conditions.
  • Avoid common portfolio management pitfalls.
  • Evaluate the performance of your portfolio.
  • Introduction to portfolio management:
    • Principles of portfolio management
    • Asset allocation theory
  • What’s your risk tolerance?
    • Identifying your unique biases when it comes to investing
  • Determine the performance required from your portfolio:
    • Personal wealth management assessment
    • Rate of return required by life stage
  • Revisiting relative strength:
    • Identifying when an asset is cheap vs. expensive relative to its cohort
  • Market environment assessment:
    • Where are we in the economic cycle?
    • World markets: size, importance, indices, performance
    • How are corporate earnings affecting market direction?
    • Current news events and geopolitical issues impact
    • Is “Risk On or Risk Off” in the short term? (2-3 Months)
    • Are longer term trends holding?
    • Sector performance
  • Selecting assets for your portfolio:
    • Using relative strength to identify sector strength vs. weakness
    • Identifying assets within sectors that are leading vs. lagging
    • Using ETFs to diversify
    • Building your unique portfolio
  • Actively adjusting your holdings:
    • Using a proven rules based analysis checklist (i3 Process*) to determine if your holdings need adjustment
    • Practice trading your holdings to maintain desired returns while minimizing risk
  • Evaluating the performance of your portfolio:
    • Determining total return
    • Benchmark comparison
  • Novice to Intermediate Investor
  • Fast connection to the internet (Cable Modem, DSL)
  • Latest version of Google Chrome Web Browser
  • PC/MAC with hardware and operating system no older than 2years and up-to-date

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