Swing Trading Online

9 Hours (2x 3.5hr Live Online Sessions, 2hrs Pre-Work)

Price: $995

Class Size: 20-80

This online course has been thoughtfully designed to help investors make better decisions. Swing Trading is all about finding stocks that are relatively cheap and moving up to buy, and then identifying when those stocks are getting relatively expensive and showing signs of moving down to make your selling decision. The Swing Trading methodology we teach can be used over the longer term or the shorter term, the objective remains the same, buy things that are cheaper and moving up and sell them when they are expensive and about to break down.

Using a combination of macro-market and technical analysis you will learn a common sense step by step approach to analyzing the market, to determine overall market direction, ideal sector(s) to be in, and then find the right stock(s) that are relatively cheap and showing healthy signs of moving up. We will show you how to build a successful trading plan that is suited to your investment style, whether you are interested in generating income or growth or a combination, this course will help you in reaching your goals, we guarantee it or your money back. Included in the course price is a full video recording of your class.

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of how the financial markets actually operate to gain your edge
    • How global markets interconnect across all asset classes (currencies, derivatives, debt, equities and commodities) to affect your positions
    • Interpreting the current market environment including: news, earnings and economic data – to determine what are the true drivers of current market direction
  • Identify and gain proficiency with the skills required to stack the odds in your favour before during and after each trade
    • Crowd Psychology – Understanding sentiment & behaviour to anticipate the market’s reaction to events
    • Macro Analysis – Identifying and analyzing key market drivers to determine your market direction thesis
    • Money & Risk Management – Setting parameters on how much to trade with and how much profit/loss is acceptable per trade
    • Executing with Excellence – Combining charting tools with your execution platform to trade like a professional; leveraging all order types
    • Individual Psychology – Managing your emotions to neutral as you make or lose money
  • Master utilizing step-by-step rules based plan that combines all the concepts taught to evaluate whether the odds are in your favour for every trade you take and every position you currently hold.
  • Build your own unique trading plan that aligns with your skill level, capital investment and discipline.
    • Learn how to sell your losing positions at the right time and pick up winners
    • Learn how to use stop loss orders correctly to manage your risk
  • Market Overview
    • How global markets operate
    • Deep dive into global equity markets
    • Current state of the macroeconomic environment
    • A look to the future
  • Basic Trading & Charting Concepts
    • Long versus short
    • Interpreting Volume
    • General terms, definitions & vocabulary
    • How to read a candle stick chart
  • Technical Analysis Fundamentals
    • Candle Stick Patterns
    • Support & Resistance
    • Trend Evaluation
    • Chart Patterns
    • Oscillators: RSI
    • Range Trading Tools: Bollinger Bands
    • Momentum indicators: MACD
    • Volume Evaluation
  • Combining Macro Analysis & Technical Analysis on charts to find low risk high reward entries & exits
    • Step-by-step process to layering indicators on charts
    • Revisiting relative strength
    • Using a proven rules based analysis checklist (i3 Process*) to determine if the odds are in your favour
  • Practice identifying low risk high reward trades
    • Executing trades with excellence
    • Money management principles
    • Managing your Individual psychology when trading
    • Build your unique trading plan
  • Free Trading Workshop
  • A discount brokerage account for > 6 months
  • Traded at least 2-3 times this quarter
  • Actively seek out market news and information
  • Novice to Intermediate Investor
  • Fast connection to the internet (Cable Modem, DSL)
  • Latest version of Google Chrome Web Browser
  • PC/MAC with hardware and operating system no older than 2years and up-to-date

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