Private Coaching Testimonials

Since 1984, I have had capital in the markets. In early 2010, I started my real trading journey. It is now a full time business, not a pastime. After a year of self education, I started shopping, on both sides of the border, for some kind of professional assistance including trading in a classroom, online training sessions, newsletter subscriptions, canned computer programs and even private coaching. I became aware of the Independent Investor Institute because I’ve watched Larry Berman on BNN and remain impressed with his views. Larry’s comments over the months/years were generally consistent with my own views. When I found out that Larry had launched the Independent Investor Institute, I researched it online.


I spoke to Ziad Jasani on the phone and was very impressed with his views as well. After a year of sessions with Ziad, I couldn’t be more thrilled with his knowledge, teaching skills, coaching and overall insights to the markets, technical analysis and trading. As an independent trader himself, Ziad has “been there, done that”. He understands the individual’s journey to become a competent independent trader. However, the most important selling feature to me was that Ziad has his own capital in play. It isn’t just theory; he has “real skin in the game”.


My overall objective was to learn technical analysis and then to apply it to both day trading for income and swing trading to build my longer term capital. I wanted to work with a professional who clearly understood technical analysis and had practical experience with a substantive track record. I wanted more than mere classroom theory or a canned computer program and private coaching with Ziad ensures that I clearly understand the issues that are important to me.


The Independent Investor Institute and specifically Ziad Jasani have delivered substantive value for each session and I intend to continue with coaching indefinitely. The investment market is continuously changing and Ziad has helped me to understand it from a hands on approach rather than a theoretical perspective.


My sessions with Ziad have materially changed the way that I look at charts and therefore the markets. Before coaching, I intuitively watched market movements and charts but ultimately was still guessing at direction and change. Since my coaching sessions with Ziad, he has taught me to understand the technical trends on the charts and how to take advantage of the movement for a return.


Ziad and Independent Investor Institute’s philosophy of “low risk/high probability” trading match my own philosophy. I don’t want to lose my capital and Ziad’s approach best reflects my requirements.


My sessions have absolutely driven results and enhanced returns. Today, I generate a 20% annual return on my trading capital.

I had learned about Technical Analysis over the years from studying various systems. They all claimed extraordinary trading results and created great expectations. They all boasted about perfected systems developed over years of successful trading. My trading expectations were not met and I learned the hard way that some of these systems worked in normal market conditions, but as volatility increased and market uncertainty prevailed, I discovered that these systems had inherent weakness.

However, in faithfully watching Larry Berman on BNN, I observed how Larry easily distilled the macroeconomic influences and applied a disciplined approach using TA to determine his trades. He also provides a daily news letter which interprets a host of indicators in order to determine market sentiment and trades, then analysis chart patterns in order to set strategies for trading. Larry always demonstrated an uncanny ability to read the factors affecting the markets and determining short term trading trends. He constantly explained chart pattern very simply and in an understandable way.

I wanted to improve my trading skills and reduce trading risk. Larry’s education program provided the proper platform in order to refine my approach. By applying a broad frame work in order to filter out relevant market factors and understand the trading implications, and then applying TA, my trading is less emotionally driven.

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Ziad Jasani over the recent past. Not only does Ziad follow Larry’s disciplined approach to understanding what issues are driving markets, he also uses the same disciplined approach, using TA to read stock charts. He is highly passionate about making you a successful trader. Ziad has great patience in helping you understand and apply the knowledge to master their techniques.

If you want to improve your trading performance, reduce risk, you need to invest your time and effort to learn from the best team of successful traders and advisors available. Learn Larry and Ziads’ proven disciplined trading methods, you will improve your trading success. This will be the best investment decision you can make.

Hi Ziad:

Thank you for our Private Coaching session yesterday.  You tailored the course material to my individual needs resulting in a highly productive session.  The blend of market theory and trading practice is engaging and motivates me to take my knowledge, skills and confidence to the next level.  

I found it of great value to complete the session with a prioritized checklist of market signals to consider when developing the thesis for the day.


Your attention to detail in preparing for our Private Coaching session and following with detailed notes of the session is greatly appreciated.


I look forward to our next session.


Craig D.
Bancroft, Ontario

After spending 2 full days of Private Coaching with "Z" at the Independent Investor Institute, I now have an experts view of how to look at and read the markets.

The vast amount of knowledge and information passed on in this trading course has given me the tools to become a very successful trader. The fact that the 2 full days were video taped allows me to replay the information over and over again to ensure understanding an success.

Overall I am very satisfied with this coaching and will be sure to book a minimum of another day course in the future to gain more knowledge and to fine tune my skills already learned!


Rich M.